September 25th & 28th, 2019
Greenhill Winery, Middleburg,  VA

GUT-HEALTH connection

Lyme disease 

Steiner Labs is pleased to invite you to an exceptional micronutrition education event in a breathtaking outdoor setting in the midst of Virginia Wine Country. 

Come join us and fellow practitioners for a day of medical lectures aimed at improving your understanding and treatment of Lyme Disease and Leaky Gut, discover an exciting new range of premium European supplements and enjoy a selection of fine wines and Italian cheese in the sunshine.


A single fulfilling day (choice of 2 dates) of:

  • Education

  • Networking

  • And natural nutrition in a great outdoor setting!

Come join us for a vibrant experience focused on nutrition, health and community while we gather around a tasting of fine European fare and discover an exclusive range of supplements and management protocols. 

Beyond the training and insight provided by our guest speakers who are eminent and experienced practitioners in their field, this is also an opportunity to connect with other local professionals and exchange on topics that matter to you in an idyllic countryside setting.

THis Will interest you if

  • You are a nutritionist, healthcare professional, naturopathic practitioner, health coach or similar professional interested in expanding your knowledge of micronutrition, the gut/health link, lyme disease and enhancing your patient care strategies.

  • You are a patient or relative/friend of a patient concerned by lyme disease or chronic digestive issues.

  • You are not a professional, but have a keen interest in nutrition and wish to improve on your own gut health and general wellbeing.

  • You are seeking the tools and knowledge to empower yourself and your patients to improve their gut barrier function and provide better management support for lyme disease.​



Steiner Labs is an enterprising local start-up dedicated to providing education and innovative tools for practitioners to help their patients achieve vibrant optimal health.

We are excited to present a unique and exclusive range of high-end supplements from the European company PhytoQuant. 

This family-run producer of pharmacy-grade supplements is distinguished by unique extraction techniques, highest quality ingredients and cutting-edge formulas. 

We are committed to provide training on the most successful ways of integrating these products into your practice to help take your patients well being to the next level.


Renown Nutritionists and practitioners



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For other questions and comments email info@steinerlabs.org